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Chairman of 175th Anniversary of Kwan Tee Pagoda

Pierre YeungMy Colleagues of Kwan Tee Pagoda (Cohan Tai Biou) and I are immensely pleased to be associated with the celebration of the 175th Anniversary of Kwantee Pagoda. Alongside this event, we shall also commemorate Kapitan Hahime Choissane (Log Choissane), Founder of the Kwan Tee Pagoda, for his invaluable contribution to the Chinese Community.

It’s a fact that major changes in the course of History has usually turned out around just a few individuals. Where changes could be made for the better, we usually see very few people who have noble ideals fight for them.

Hahime Choissanne was such a person. He has worked hard for the emancipation of the Chinese immigrants here. Since he was highly appreciated by the British Colonial Administration he has been able to facilitate the arrival and the settlement of many Chinese people in Mauritius. Hahime Choissane must be considered to be the father of the Chinese Immigration and his contribution for the advancement of the Chinese cause should never be forgotten.

The Committee in charge of the 175th Anniversary of Kwan Tee Pagoda has planned to celebrate this historical event ceremoniously over a year. Various Cultural and Social Activities have been prepared for this occasion. The unveiling of a Bronze Statue of Hahime Choissane is also at the agenda.

Friends of Kwan Tee Pagoda, you are all welcomed to join us for this once in a lifetime celebration. You are kindly encouraged to donate generously so as to show your devotion to Lord Kwan Tee. Remember that no amount is too little. We know that we can always count on you.

Thank you.

Pierre Yeung
Chairman For 175th Anniversary of Kwan Tee Pagoda